Decentralized Token Economy Gets Support of Washington Politics | Democratic Presidential Nominee Interview

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Andrew Yang, a former Democratic Presidential nominee, embraced Web 3’s blockchain technology, the highest political personality to speak about and encourage it.

Yang’s dive down the crypto rabbit hole is not exactly surprising. It’s hard to ignore the parallels between Yang’s culty supporters (known as the “Yang Gang”) and the similarly zealous coalition crypto has amassed. Namely, both have appealed to a type of predominantly young, white, male and meme-loving technologist who fantasizes about disrupting legacy institutions – for the former, it’s Washington politics, and for the latter, it’s Wall Street banks.

“I’m someone who just wants to build as quickly as possible,” Yang, a former tech entrepreneur, told CoinDesk in an interview on Thursday.

While Yang is not exactly building cutting-edge zk-rollups or ponzi-esque DeFi protocols, he has recently staked his name and reputation behind two decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Last month, Yang revealed Lobby3, a DAO aimed at Web 3-pilling Washington politicians by policy advocacy and educational initiatives.

Now, on the one-year anniversary of the Atlanta spa shooting that killed six Asian Americans, Yang has unveiled GoldenDAO, an organization he says will champion Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues and also sell non-fungible token (NFT) memberships priced north of $3,000 each.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Yang talks about how he plans to build a coalition via GoldenDAO, reflections on his Asian-American identity, his newfound fascination with “liquid governance” and how the cryptocurrency industry can win over Washington, D.C.

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